Earlier in volume 1, we discussed about quantum computing evolution, qubits, design and manufacture of qubits.
In case, if you missed reading volume 1, then don't worry. You are not late.
Here we go:- http://geekresearchlab.net/quantumarticles/index.php?itemid=7

So next question on quantum computing would be, How to make it work? Or How does it operate? Or How does it functions?
Here is the simple answer:- "Quantum Logic Gates".

So, what are quantum logic gates? What is it?
"Quantum logic gates are termed as the basic building blocks of quantum circuits that works on a small number of qubits".

The quantum logic gates are reversible, where the term "reversible" comes under reversible computing.
The reversible computing is termed as an unconventional computing or alternative computing, where the methodology can be applied in the fields of optical computing, quantum computing, chemical computing, DNA computing, nano computing, molecular computing and natural computing.
Coming back to reversible computing, the circuits are called as charge recovery logic or reversible circuits. If interested, check it:- hit it
If lazy to read that pdf download, then let me wrap up in brief,
That pdf thingy is about "Adiabatic circuits", which are low power circuits that uses reversible logic for energy conservation.
Woo! Cool, huh? So, that can also be added to green computing in the area of energy conservation. Or maybe it can be used to make long lasting power batteries or enhance power to longer extent if the concept is stretched beyond.
Wanna get more involved in it?
Oh sure!
Then, don't forget to read this Ph.D thesis on "Asynchrobatic logic for low power VLSI design". Here we go:- hit it

And talking about Adiabatic logic it is the more advanced than this CMOS thingy when it comes to low power energy consumption. If CMOS circuit is dad, then Adiabatic circuit is son. Son will be always genius than dad. Future always shines bright than the present and even more brighter than the past.
If more interested to learn the future trend and system level perspective of Adiabatic logic, then get this book in Amazon hit it (^_^)
OMG! Looks like I started marketing here. Sorry! LOL

This adiabatic system works under adiabatic process, which is a thermodynamic process where there will be no heat transfer within or out of system. Adiabatic process is derived from Adiabatic theorem, which comes under Quantum Mechanics by Max Born and Vladimir Fock in 1928, where they stated that:- A physical system remains in its instantaneous eigen state if a given perturbation is acting on it slowly enough and there is a gap between the eigen value and the rest of the Hamiltonian's spectrum. This mechanism is applied in applications such as Simple Pendulum, Quantum Harmonic Oscillator and Avoided curve crossing.
To get depth into Adiabatic theorem, then no problem. Here we go:- hit it

So, Coming back to Quantum logic gates,
The quantum logic gates are represented by unitary matrices, where it takes the form of 2X2 or 4X4 matrices.
As per quantum computing, perspective, the quantum logic gates has "k qubits" represented by 2k x 2k (2 to the power of k) matrix.

The various types of quantum logic gates will be discussed in next part. (^_^)

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